Seminar Overview

Our seminars are totally unique and offer new insight into mental health resilience in the workplace. We introduce you to Beyond Recovery’s ground-breaking work and share over a decade of experience working in one of the harshest mental health environments in the UK, the prison system.

“Eye-opening, powerful and educational but above all, inspiring”

You will learn about our research and meet inspirational ex-offenders who against all odds, have turned their lives around.

Our clients have often spent many years in prison, not only facing the challenges of living in an unpredictable and volatile environment, but also dealing with personal difficulties such as PTSD, addiction, anxiety, depression and many other mental health problems.

It might appear that prison and business are two very different worlds but having spent a considerable amount of time working in both, we are not so sure!

In prison you are forced to:

– Deal with some challenging colleagues and bosses!
– Put on a brave face and suppress feelings of anxiety, fear and doubt
– Deal with hierarchy, power struggles and bullying
– Live in a highly competitive society
– Cope with uncertainty and change without warning
– Be instinctive, creative and ingenious to survive

What’s more you’re never able to go home, relax and switch off to get some perspective!


Our two-hour seminar explains:

– How and why we have such a profound impact on mental wellness

– Beyond Recovery’s academic research carried out within the UK prison system and the impressive results to date

We also:

– Offer a unique opportunity to meet and hear from those who have spent many years in prison. Listen to them talk about their lives, their experience of our programme and how they have overcome difficult mental health challenges

–  Share the insights that led to transformation and how uncovering sustainable mental wellness is possible for everyone

The seminar also includes plenty of time for questions and answers.

Key Learning Outcomes

– Gain insight into what it takes to improve mental health resilience

– Increase empathy and authenticity of participants

– Help challenge unconscious biases around diversity and inclusion

– Promote social diversity

– Increase overall awareness and positively impact mental health and wellness

Listening to those who have overcome adversity can have a profound impact. It can help with perspective in your own life and builds compassion and understanding of others. Our aim is to encourage self-reflection and to increase mental wellness in participants.


Jacqueline Hollows is the founder of Beyond Recovery, a Community Interest Company that seeks to create a fundamental change in the approach to understanding and treating mental health, addiction and offending behaviour; and to eliminate stigma associated with these issues.

By working with people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantages, and complex needs, Beyond Recovery endeavours to create opportunities, harmony and increased social inclusion. Furthermore, we believe that the ripple effect of sustainable change in behaviour and attitude will impact families, communities and the economy.

Jacqueline founded Beyond Recovery after a long and successful career in IT and business. Jacqueline’s coaching experience, extensive business background and her passion for helping people gave her the impetus to create Beyond Recovery C.I.C.

Paul Lock has worked closely with Beyond Recovery since 2015 and has delivered programmes to hundreds of people in prison. Prior to this, Paul had a successful career in business development. In 2005, Paul became a shareholder in an entrepreneurial IT business, helping the business to grow annual revenues from £5m to £23m.

Paul has always had a fascination with psychology and philosophy and, during his time in sales, became interested in mental health. Since 2011, Paul has immersed himself in learning more about mental wellness and what it takes to help others. Paul has also worked with many businesses, helping their employees to become more inspired, engaged and productive.

If you are interested in finding out more or booking a seminar, please get in touch:
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Our seminars support workplace wellness solutions and help Beyond Recovery to continue transforming and saving lives in prison.

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