Introducing Jacqueline and Paul

Jacqueline Hollows

Jacqueline Hollows

Partner / Co-Founder

Paul Lock

Paul Lock

Partner / Co-Founder

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Hollows is the founder of Beyond Recovery, a Community Interest Company that seeks to create a fundamental change in the approach to understanding and treating mental health, addiction and offending behaviour; and to eliminate stigma associated with these issues.

By working with people experiencing severe and multiple disadvantages, and complex needs, Beyond Recovery endeavours to create opportunities, harmony and increased social inclusion. Furthermore, we believe that the ripple effect of sustainable change in behaviour and attitude will impact families, communities and the economy.

After a long and successful career working in IT and business, Jacqueline found herself in a very un-resourceful place, to the cost of her sanity and life goals. At this pivotal time Jacqueline made a life changing decision to move away from the stressful and meaningless path she found herself on by retraining as a transformational life coach and, using the Three Principles, started working with executives suffering from stress, depression and dependencies.

Through different avenues she was introduced to many people in recovery from various addictions. Jacqueline realised that sharing the understanding of how the mind works and its effect on our experience could help many people suffering with the stigma of addiction and the restrictive road to recovery.

Jacqueline’s coaching experience, business background and her passion for helping people with addictions and obsessive compulsions gave her the impetus to create a social enterprise dedicated to this work; Beyond Recovery C.I.C. Working with individuals, services and business people; Beyond Recovery provides coaching and workshop services based on sharing the Principles, for both the people with addictions and the people supporting them.

An understanding of the Principles, allow people to walk away from a troubled past and to rise above adverse circumstances, this is at the heart of services offered.

In conjunction with the work that Beyond Recovery are undertaking, Jacqueline is gathering valuable data, which will be used specifically for research about the effectiveness of the Three Princples therapeutic model in comparison to other models.

About Paul

Paul is an artist and consultant. In 2012, Paul was inspired to pick up a paintbrush for the first time and is now a commissioned artist with his work hung internationally. Paul held his debut solo exhibition ‘You Simply Are’ in London in November 2018 and a second solo exhibition in September 2019.

Before becoming an artist, Paul had a successful career in sales where he worked in various corporate sales positions for nearly 15 years. In 2005, Paul became a shareholder in an entrepreneurial IT business, helping the business to grow annual revenues from £5m to £23m.

Paul has always had a fascination with psychology and philosophy and, during his time in sales, came across the work of Sydney Banks. Since 2011, Paul has immersed himself in learning more about these Principles, as a result, has experienced profound changes in all areas of his life. Paul has a passion for helping others to discover psychological wellbeing and set up Innate Thought. Paul works with many people from all walks of life, helping them to become more at peace, happy and inspired.

Paul is also proud to work with the pioneering social enterprise, Beyond Recovery CIC, who are changing the way the criminal justice system treats and views mental health and addiction.

Paul is married with a daughter, who he will often cite as his greatest teacher!

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